Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Lilly Pulitzer"-inspired Turtle Party: Part II & III

We just can't get enough of this darling party! Because we didn't get the second post up on schedule yesterday as we would have liked, we are combining posts II and III for this party--so you won't have to wait any longer, and get all the good stuff at once (as if post I wasn't fabulous enough!)

{Part II: Decorations}

Kori used a pink and green Lilly Pulitzer turtle pattern as the inspiration for her color-scheme and theme. She decorated using a mix of items from the Lilly Pulitzer party product collection (such as the darling plates!) as well as some items she created and designed herself (you can purchase Kori's darling pink and green turtle designs in her shop Paper & Pigtails, here!).

One of our favorite items is the Lilly Pulitzer turtle pinwheel. We have seen these first-hand, and they are well-constructed and a fabulous investment for decorating a party (and later a child's bedroom!)

We also love the dessert table, set up with a beautiful white sheer in the back--summery and simple. The fabric bunting across the front of the table is darling and adds a whimsical element (bunting is always fabulous at a party!), and we love how Kori wrapped the box/stand featuring the cake, with the Lilly Pulitzer turtle print wrapping paper--brilliant idea, Kori!

The hanging decorations are so sweet, light and fun--and easy to make!

Another great decorating idea: use the tableware as decoration. Kori used old fashioned striped paper straws, tied darling "flags" on them, and displayed them in a jar next to the darling beverage station (to keep the girls cool and wash down all those tasty treats). The straws do double-duty for sipping, and seeing!

{Party III: Activities}

The great thing about a pool party is, minimal planned activities are required!

 The girls enjoyed their own cabanas by the beautiful pool, and Kori provided darling inflatable turtle rafts (of course!) matching the theme perfectly, and giving the girls lots of water splashing fun. As you know, children often love playtime in the pool, and a pool party makes a fabulous birthday party like Kori's (of course adult supervision is required at all times!).

A huge thank you to Kori for sharing her party with us and allowing us to feature it.

We hope you found some inspirational ideas for your next party!


  1. Having lived in Grosse Pointe for while, a pink and green color palette takes me back every time. Such a cute party!!

  2. Oh my goodness so cute ! I'm looking for spring birthday color schemes and this is fabulous! If anyone else is looking, I found a decent price on paper straws here:!!



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