Friday, August 13, 2010

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

We were in awe of the creativity discovered in this fabulous Mad Scientist birthday party created by Christine (yes, the same Christine from yesterday's Construction Party!)

The best part of all, is it shows how science can be fun, colorful, challenging, entertaining, and beautiful. We hope to see a lot more science parties, because this one sure has proven that science and school subjects make perfect party themes.

Incredibly creative birthday banner, we love the colors! What a great idea.

The birthday girl Caitlyn (who requested the party theme herself!) had a darling cake, perfect for the theme, and appropriately surrounded by beakers!

Invitations were color, creative, and perfect to get the theme of the party across! Check out the creative wording!
A "Mad Scientist" was hired to do some experiments.

Check out this glitterly, glamorous glob of science goo!

Paper chain and streamers...we see a DNA chain here, don't you?

Tornado experiment, wowing one of the little scientists!

Radioactive materials (glow sticks)--watch out!

This looks like an incredibly effective experiment. We particularly love the girls laughing in the background. For details on the experiment, check out Christine's blog here.

Dry ice can be incredibly fascinating, to children of all ages.

How about some insta-sno!

A party wouldn't be a party without fabulous favors! These are by far some of the best science party favors we have seen. Terrific colors, too.

Thanks so much Christine, for sharing your wildly creative party with us! We find your talent overflowing, and can't wait to see what you do next!


  1. What a fun idea for both boys and girls! Christine did a super job!

  2. Please note: the darling invitations for this party are available from Melanie, here: She has a truly fun site!



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