Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Golf Birthday Party

Shelley from How Does She? (along with help from her mother-in-law!) created this incredibly well-pulled together golf themed birthday party for her son, with a clean and preppy green and white color scheme. PREPARE TO BE INSPIRED!!!

 First: Sweets! Donut "Holes in One" are too cute for words. We also love the cupcakes with the "grass" frosting and flgas, and how about that swirly key lime salt water taffy? The green and white color scheme carried throughout is fabulous.

The cupcake deserves a close up shot. We love the base of them too--chocolate so appropriate for the dirt under the turf!

Our favorite aspect of this party (as if it easy to choose one): the "Club Sandwiches". Whether you interpret them as a play on words with "golf clubs" or the "clubhouse at the golf course"--they are darling either way! Check out the darling wraps and GOLF TEES used as sandwich picks--*fabulous creative idea Shelley!*

We also love the "watering hole" with water bottles with custom printed labels and green and white paper straws--festive and cute.

The invitations and printables were created by the fabulous Chickabug and we love how they are youthful and realistic in design, all at the same time! The golf-cart theme is carried throughout all the printables at this party.

Check out the green bucket of child-friendly balls, and the green visors to "wear on the course"--adorable.

The custom printed labels, also by Chickabug, adorn the green and white striped favor bags to put in sweet treats.

Loving the green and white polka dot balloons here.

How about some green water bottles (a great favor idea!) with precious golf-cart themed tags? We love the circle tags...and look closely, each bottle is personalized with the child's name, and a darling painted "hole in one" motif--LOVE IT!

Love the labels for the children to wear (okay, that golf shirt is too cute too).

And last but not least, a beautiful family and  birthday boy under darling custom printed bunting!

Shelley, thank you SO much for letting us share your party! It's tee-riffic (okay, we had to through ONE of those puns in there).

Want to read Shelley's full post on the party, with many more details and even more pics? Hop over to her site here.

Looking for the ***SOURCES*** to re-create this look? SHELLEY HAS THEM! Hop over to her feature on the party here and you can get them (Thanks, Shelley!).

Shelley also lists the very important people who made this party possible, as well as a wonderful source of continued inspiration for Shelley (can you guess who that might be? Hop over and find out!).

Thank you again Shelley for allowing us to feature your incredible party design!!!! Looking forward to your next party.


  1. THANK YOU for featuring Shelley's golf party! It was so much fun to put this theme together with her - she's so creative!

    Heather : )



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