Monday, October 11, 2010

Art Birthday Party

We flipped over the stunning array of colors that Brooke used at her daughter's art party.

Brooke went with a color scheme that included all the brilliant hues you could possibly imagine, so vivid and bright.

The dessert table was brilliantly bright (we love the cake!)

The dessert table included all sorts of sweets. We love this image because it captures a sweet table in action!

Gorgeous image of the lollipops!

One of the fabulous activities involved decorating cupcakes (notice the cake is already rainbow!)--messy, but a load of fun!

The children were given many fabulous arts and crafts to do, including painting on a large "wall"...this little guy looks like he is painting very carefully!

And the wall is complete (LOVE this)!

Another activity: bubble painting!

The guests received these fabulous favor baskets.

The beautiful birthday girl wearing a spectacular hair clip--artistic in and of itself!

Many thanks to Brooke for sharing her daughter's beautiful art party with us--incredibly inspirational and a feast for the eyes!!!!

Thanks also to Emily and Shelly for the beautiful photos!!!

If you would like to see even more great photos from this party, visit Brooke's blog here.

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