Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ballet Birthday Party

This ballet birthday party created by Melissa is the definition of lovely. We have not once seen a ballet party anywhere as charming as this one, and it is a delight to be able to share it with you.

Every detail of the party was carefully designed, and her beautiful photos speak a thousand words.

Melissa set the theme with a beautiful pink, ballet-themed invitation, to match the soft pink, green and white color scheme of the entire event. We don't know who wouldn't want to attend a party with an invitation as darling hers!

Note the ballet-themed decor in the beautifully set tea room, with pale pink, green and white dishes, white linens, white garden chairs and a lovely display of ballet-inspired sweets.

Pink tulips made for lovely centerpieces-simple, and classic.

Take a closer look at some of these ballet slipper and tutu sweets.

Three tiers of treats adorned with pink satin ribbon makes these meringues even more lovely.

Tulle, petit fours, floral gold-rimmed china, a dainty combination.

We love how tulle is used throughout the event design, softly emphasizing the ballet theme.

The lovely birthday girl.

A sweet birthday cake!

Check out the darling glass mugs and pretty punch.

Beautiful tutus, and on her blog, you can get the tutorial to create your own!

The girls looked to thoroughly enjoy the ballet class!

Twirling, dancing, enjoying life!

You can view all the photos and details on this lovely ballet tea party on Melissa's beautiful blog (entitled "A Little Loveliness"--proper fit, don't you think?).

Some images from her ballet recital dinner, too beautiful not to share.

A tremendous thank you Melissa, for allowing us to share your party and incredible event designing skills to inspire others! We look forward to featuring more of your events in the future!


  1. How lovely! That must have been a wonderful memory making day, indeed! On my seventh birthday...I had a ballet recital and a party. My parents gave me a ballerina necklace with one little hinged leg so she can dance! I still have it...and the pretty angelic dress I wore that Sunday!

    I hope you are having a beautiful week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. i love melissa! such a sweet heart!
    she always does such beautiful events!!

  3. Thank you, Kate, for the sweet post and links. I am enjoying taking in all the great parties you have featured so far and look forward to enjoying even more inspiration now that we have connected.

  4. unbelievably adorable & sweet! love all the tutu details!

  5. The invitations are to die for! This is the prettiest ballet party I have ever seen!

  6. What an elegant and beautiful party!


  7. doesn't get any cuter!!! I LOVE it! I am planning a party for my 5 year old daughter in June & we are having so much fun!!! I can hardly wait & the party isn't even for me!

  8. Wow! This party just kept getting BETTER and BETTER as I continued to scroll down and it was already AMAZING!! It is just lovely and so beautiful. And the photo of the birthday girl is precious. What a special day. <3



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