Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marie Antoinette First Birthday Party

Stunning is the best word to describe the images you are about to see of Amelia's "Marie Antoinette"-inspired first birthday party.

Mandy created an incredibly beautiful, romantic celebration for her daughter's first birthday.

From gorgeous decor to a beautifully styled menu; from the prettiest gift wrap to a birthday dress and hat sure to be stowed away carefully to be preserved and kept as a cherished family heirloom.

This party is full of style, it seems to be a stunning representation of
Mandy--once you go to her blog, we have a feeling it will be awhile before you leave. Her style is quite extraordinary, and images are spectacular.

The colors seen throughout are many shades of pink, from warm peach tones to brighter hues, with a pop of soft aqua here and there. Beautiful!

Amelia was adorned in a stunning birthday gown wearing a rococo-style hat, and her high chair decorated in lovely fabrics.

Take a gander at the precious shoes she wore, simply charming.

A beautiful vintage lampshade adorned with beautiful pale aqua ribbon reinforced the color-scheme, and added a very romantic feel to the decor.

Lovely large romantic blooms filled up an urn on the table.

Mandy's creativity with food is amazing.

A sweet mother-daughter moment!

The bold colors are especially striking against the softer table linens and decor.

Even the gift wrap was well-thought out, styled and executed to perfection.

From ribbons to roses, the packages were decorations in and of themself.

There is something endearing about the one featuring a hand-written message on a doily.

Yearning for more? View more details on this Marie Anoinette-inspired, romantic and beautiful first birthday party on Mandy's blog here.

Thank you Mandy, for sharing with us your amazing talents and beautiful sense of style. We look forward to seeing what you have in store in the future!


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